Keep it looking good!

Everybody wants to see your sign, especially at night

Some signs contain neon inside for illumination. Years ago, this was just about the only method to illuminate individual letters. While great when everything was performing properly, service and maintenance with neon lit signs was frequent and costly. These type of signs we now retro-fit with all new LED technology which provides for years of trouble free service with a huge energy cost savings.  

Parking Lot Light Maintenance specialists

A well lit parking lot at night is critical for safety. We have the equipment and skills to properly maintain parking lot lights. Services include lamp replacement, ballast work, and conversion to LED lighting from old style metal halide or high pressure sodium lamps.

How may we help you?

We are always here to help. If you have a single location or various locations in each city, our service fleets & ariel lift trucks cover most Los Angeles Counties and Santa Barbara Counties.