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We have our own Boom Lifts so you save on rental charges.

High Reach Services

  • Have a project that too high for a ladder?
  • Safety First!
  • Aerial Lifts and Light Duty Cranes with an experienced operator will protect you and your employees.
  • Homeowners and Contractors welcome.
  • Flexible and Cost effective. 
  • Call for service today!
  • Licensed & Insured.

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Man working on sign with boom truck

Our professional aerialists perform the work

Our professional services include:

  • Boom truck and light duty crane operations - 48', 60' 85' reach with 2,000lb lift capacity. We can lift many items including air conditioning equipment, spas, trees, etc.

  •  Cranes, bucket trucks, ladder trucks, ground trucks 

  • Lighting and sign repair

  • Parking lot light bulb replacement

  • Sign installation & repair

  • Awning cleaning & pressure washing

  • Hi reach window cleaning

  • Simple tree trimming (not a certified arborist)

  •  Fluorescent, neon and LED sign installation and repair 

  • All contractors welcome - We are a house painters best friend.

  •  Lift equipment with operators by the Hour, Day or Week!

  • Ship in sign installation from national companies

  • Holiday lights installation / decorations in "hard to get to" locations

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