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Q. What types of signs do you offer?
A. We manufacture a wide variety of signs including, but not
  limited to, Electrical storefront signs with LED or neon, Banners, Monument signs, Pylon Signs, Blade Signs, Vehicle lettering, and much, much more!
Q. I need a sign. Where do we go from here?
A. Just give us a call! We will arrange a convenient time to meet
  you at your place of business and around your schedule. One of our knowledgable sales people will survey your location, explain possible city code requirements, and go over in detail all the various possibilities and costs of the many different types of signs we offer. There is never a charge for this service!
Q. Can I provide my own artwork or logo?
A. Yes. It must be a vectored file that's formatted for a PC,
  (not a Mac). Provide your artwork in an .ai or .eps file format. Depending on the file, additional artwork charges may apply. We will let you know up front if this applies to your specific project. Because we run a large variety of graphic-specific programs, one good thing to keep in mind that we tell clients on a regular basis is.."If you are not able to open it on your computer, than that is probably the file we need." Which means you most likely do not have the program needed installed on your computer system.
Q. Do I need permits from the city or other agency?
A. Yes. Permits are required for any exterior sign. This often
  includes planning, building, and electrical if applicable. Our staff will prepare all required plans & attend any required review board meetings. This procedure can vary a great deal depending on your jurisdiction and their requirements. Our experienced in-house permit specialists will explain to you all the necessary details and procurement costs involved.
Q. Do you need to be licensed for this type of work?
A. Yes. You need a C-45 licensed electrical sign contractor
  to perform the installation of certain types of signs such as storefront signs, neon, and ground-mounted signs. Our contracted installers are fully licensed and carry workers' compensation insurance as required by law.
Q. You provided plans for my sign. Why can't I keep them?
A. The plans provided and specifications relating to them are
  the sole property of West Coast Signs until purchased. These copyrighted plans are provided to you at no charge for you to see exactly what your new sign will look like. Our research & design departments spend countless hours custom designing, illustrating, and researching city code requirements all up front in order for you to see what your new sign will look like. These visual plans accompany our contract proposal for the work. We never charge for this work. It is going the extra mile for our clients to provide them with a visual of their final product for review, along with our contract. If we were to give you only a contract for your new sign, how else would you know what the final product would look like?
Q. How long will it take to make my sign?
A. Most signs such as banners, vehicle and window lettering,
  magnetic signs, and trade show related products require a 3-5 day turnaround. Often times even quicker. Larger projects such as electrical storefront signs, monument signs, etc. do require a longer fabrication time and this takes generally 3-4 weeks from the permit approvals. Either way, all signs provided by West Coast Signs are custom built and require appropriate fabrication time to ensure the highest quality possible.
Q. Why do signs cost so much?
A. One of the great questions...So many factors can affect the
  total cost and may not always be in anyone's control. Your business may be in a shopping center that has a criteria adopted by the governing agency that specifically states the type of sign you are to have -- even if you don't want it. Or, perhaps a client conveyed exactly what they wanted, all the information necessary for one of our associates to get started. At West Coast Signs we firmly believe "There is a sign for every budget." During the design stage we can take your ideas and wishes, couple it with our knowledge of design and materials and can often times provide you with the sign you desire at a fraction of the cost with just a few subtle material or design changes. This is a very misunderstood industry. All signs are custom fabricated by hand (in most cases) by very skilled craftsman, and each sign is custom built for you and is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. This should not be considered a "cost" but an investment in your business and your livelihood. That "cost" is outdoor advertising of your business name 24 hours a day and 365 days per year! Proven to be more economical than any other form of advertising.

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